The  Behaviour Programmes

Matty provides bespoke, fully supported one to one behaviour programmes for you and your dog. The first step is to complete the contact form, and Matty will get back to you arrange a free call for Matty to find out a little more detail about your dog and for you to find out how Matty works with you and your dog. You programme will start with a consultation,  you will be given a pre-consultation questionnaire and you will have a meeting with Matty in person or over zoom depending on your location and the behaviour you are having difficulties with. If the consultation takes place over zoom you will be given additional information gathering tasks in advance. This is to give you the opportunity to explain in detail the difficulties you are having with your dog and what your goals are and give Matty the opportunity to assess your dog in order to create an individually-tailored programme. Matty will then give you a report with a written plan outlining the first steps you need to make with your dog. Matty works on veterinary referral, however when you contact Matty she will provide you with a veterinary referral form and necessary information to easily obtain that referral.

Matty's behaviour programmes are as follows.  
Matty will work with you for 3 months and you will be given action plans in the form of high-quality online content as well as having regular one to ones with Matty to support you through the process, the one to ones are usually online but in some cases in person sessions can be arranged.  In addition, you will be able to contact Matty via whatsapp or email throughout the time you are working through your programme, with videos, questions and anything else you need feedback on. You will be able to access your programme content and contact Matty for support after your programme ends, on anything in regards to your programme. And of course if want to continue to work with Matty beyond the length of your programme that can be arranged.

Matty's behaviour programmes are effective if they are fully online because she gives you the skills and knowledge you need to move beyond reactivity with your dog, because you and your dog are a team, and Matty will be there to guide you. However, depending on location and where appropriate for you and your dog's needs you can also have in person sessions to support you face to face, this hybrid approach still benefits from all the online resources.

Working online means that wherever you are in world you can work with Matty at times that are convenient for you.  All your online one to one sessions will be recorded and the programme content will be available to you to access whenever you need to. Also your dog's behaviour will not be affected by a stranger in their home, something many 'reactive dogs' struggle with.

Please complete the contact form so Matty can arrange a call with you so you can tell her in detail about your dog and she can explain what your programme will look like.