The  Behaviour Programmes

Matty provides bespoke, fully supported one-to-one behaviour programmes for you and your dog. The first step is to complete the contact form, and Matty will get back to you with detail on how to book the consultation or to arrange a free call if you want to want to speak to Matty before going ahead.
Your programme will start with a consultation, you will be given a pre-consultation questionnaire and you will have an initial consultation with Matty. This is to give you the opportunity to explain in detail the difficulties you are having with your dog and what your goals are and give Matty the opportunity to assess your dog in order to create an individually-tailored programme. Matty will then give you a report with a written plan outlining the first steps you need to make with your dog. Matty works on veterinary referrals, however, when you contact Matty she will provide you with a veterinary referral form and the necessary information to easily obtain that referral.

Matty's behaviour programmes are as follows.
Matty will support you in implementing the programme material at every stage and you will be given action plans in the form of high-quality online content as well as having regular one-to-ones with Matty to keep you going in the right direction. In addition, you will be able to contact Matty via whatsapp or email throughout the time you are working through your programme, with videos, questions and anything else you need feedback on. You will be able to access your programme content after your programme ends. And of course, if want to continue to work with Matty beyond the length of your programme that can be arranged.

If you are ready to take the first step to make a change complete the contact form!