About Matty

I created Beyond Reactivity knowing first hand how having a dog with behaviour problems has an unimaginable emotional and practical impact on your life. My methods are ethical, informed by current science and reward based and my priority is always welfare, your dog's welfare and your own.

After many years of working with children and young people with additional needs, I returned to education where I gained a BSc (Hons) (First Class) in applied animal behavioural science and welfare.

While studying I set up a pet sitting and dog walking business, I specialised in walking ‘reactive dogs’ one to one, gaining hands on experience with dogs' of all breeds and sizes.

I have since gained my full clinical animal behaviourist membership APBC and am a registered clinical animal behaviourist with the ABTC.

My own dog, Aisha, was a street dog and then long term shelter dog in Romania before coming to live with me in a busy built up urban area of London. And she was at first, overwhelmed by the world I provided for her. Until I started to address the underline cause of Aisha's behaviours. It was then, that not only did Aisha's behaviour improve but so did our relationship and understanding of each other.