Beyond  Reactivity

with  Matty Al-irimi

Qualified, ethical training and behaviour support for you and your urban dog.

In person sessions in South London and Zone 1 and some parts of Zone 2 of the rest of London.
Virtual Session in the whole of the UK.

Are you struggling with your dog's behaviour?

Is your dog unpredictable?

Do you worry about what might happen because of your dog's behaviour?

Do you find yourself feeling frustrated, anxious or upset by your dog?

Do you feel like your dog is missing out because of their behaviour?

Want to change this?
But don't know where to begin?

Want one-to-one puppy training that can start as soon as you bring your puppy home?  

Are you at your wits' end with your perfect puppy that has suddenly turned into a terrible teen?
Does your adult dog have an inconvenient habit or two that you would like to change?